Tinted Round Hippie Glasses Pink Purple and Blue 60's Style Hipster Circle Sunglasses - 12 Pairs


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  • Hippy Style Sixties Seventies Round Shades imitates the fashion of the time making it a perfect costume accessory.
  • Hippies from the 60s wore these in all colors, so if you are going for that look, you can always throw on a pair of these.
  • They make perfect party favors for a costume party or birthday party themed the 60's, 70's, Woodstock, etc.
  • They are really cool for use in a reenactment of the summer Woodstock Music Festival of 1969.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
Halloween Dress Up Rock Eyeglasses are made to fit most men women and kids. The are 5" wide and have a 5" handle. They are perfect for use as party favors for a birthday or costume party themed in that time period. They are classic Hipster style glasses sold with assorted tints. These are the classic circular glasses worn in the 1960s and 1970s. The accessories you would need to complete the Hippie costume are a tie dye tee shirt, wide legged pants, a peace sign necklace and earrings, headband, and these glasses. For the men's costume, you cannot exclude the jewelry, but you can add a long haired wig. These rounded glasses can also work for someone who dresses up on a daily basis like the Beatles. These can also be used as decor for a 70s Disco party.

Customer Reviews

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kathy miller
“When I’m 64 🤓

Great for my beatle loving man 64 th birthday

Buy two packages for photo booths.

Photo booth favs.Big hit.Guests steal them so order extra

Luz P.Oandasan
Runs small

Too small for adult

Amazon Customer
Yellow submarine

They were what we wanted worked great. Thanks

Fun little glasses

Everyone loved them, they are just silly props to help your costume.

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