Faux Leather Costume Boots - Knee High Over The Shoe Black Pirate Boots Accessories for Costumes


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  • Black Boot Covers are the ideal costume accessory for any kid or adult pirate costume.

  • To ensure these boots fit every foot, they are 15" tall and 18" wide, and they have cuffs on top.

  • These boots are ideal for many costumes like a cowboy, cowgirl, medieval or renaissance man, etc.

  • These boot covers fit men, women and kids and can be worn to a costume or dress up themed party.

  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.

Halloween Mens, Womens, Boys and Girls Fake Leather Over the Shoes Boots are the ideal boots for almost any costume. They can be used by any adult, youth or child for combat boots, for a knight costume, an explorer costume, a horse riding equestrian costume, a Viking costume, a Civil War era costume, an imperial officer costume, a buccaneer or musketeer costume, a costume from the Victorian era, for a wrestling or pirate costume, for a western cowboy costume, or for superhero costumes like Batman, Violet from Incredibles, Darth Vader, etc. It is the perfect adults, girl or boy costume for a Pirates of the Caribbean themed party for a Captain Jack Sparrow costume. It can be used to dress up as a Colonial American, a Spanish Conquistador, as William Shakespeare, Blackbeard the infamous Pirate or Prince Charming. It can also be used for a costume of Prince Wesley the Dread Captain Roberts from The Princess Bride. This item is a favorite among children of all ages and will be a favorite in a childrens costume box. It is also ideal to use for pretend play and cosplay props for a performance that takes place a few hundred years ago. This item is perfect for a classroom dress up chest and can be used to portray the dress code from a time long past.

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Quality item
The material are great!!!
Affordable and Great Quality
Better Quality Boot Covers.

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