Black Superhero Eye Accessories - Mysterious Black Half Masks Masquerade Accessory for Adults and Kids


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  • Black Eyes Costume Mask makes ideal dress up for Halloween or a costume birthday party.

  • This domino mask is 7" wide and has a 12" elastic string that stretched up to 24" to ensure fit.

  • This mask can be used for costumes of the Incredibles, a ninja costume, a Black Canary costume, etc.

  • The mask also makes great supplies to decorate an Incredible party, costume event, or Halloween.

  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.

Black Burglar Eye Mask is the perfect costume mask for dressing up as a Super Hero. It is only black around the eye, just how the superheroes wear their masks. It can be used for a bank thief or bandit costume, a lone ranger costume, costumes of Violet, Dash or Baby Jack Jack from the Incredibles, and many more. This mask is made to fit all ages from a toddler to an adult. It has a rubber string so the size can be adjusted by knotting the rubber. Additionally, this mask can be used as decor for any girls or boys party. This fabric face mask is ideal for men, women and children who love dress up. It looks cool with a cape as a superhero, or with a bag of money as a robber costume. It is a versatile mask that can be used for many costumes, including super heroes and a villain. This mask is great for dressing up as Zorro, Nightwing, a warrior, the Teen Titans, Dread Captain Roberts or Westley from the Princess Bride, a spy, Hamburglar form McDonaldland, Barnacle, Luna Girl, robbers, Henry Danger, Batman, Robin, Harley Quinn, Cat Burglar, and many more. This mask is a mens, womens, and childrens costume supplies that can be used as props or decorations for a party. They are also a favorite and a must have in any childs costume box.

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