Alien Boppers Kids Party Favors - Glow in The Dark Headband Aliens - Pack of 12


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Skeleteen Alien Bopper Headbands are perfect for use as costumes for halloween, supplies for a childrens party, decorations or props for an alien themed party, etc. They are fun toys, and those antenna headbands are a kids favorite! The are also perfect for la hora loca. The headbands have a slight flexibility to it so it can conform into the shape of your head, and the aliens are removable, so you can adjust the angle of the aliens on them. They are perfect for kids and kids will really love to play with these.

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Everything came as expected. The quality isn’t bad at all for the price especially.

Amazon Customer
Great for kids parties

So cute

Amazon Customer
Adorable. FYI, it's for VERY small children.

I love the product. It was affordable, adorable, and perfect for my 5yr old's birthday goody bags. However, it was too small for his head at 5yrs and won't stay on, and even a little small for my 3-year-old. If you are looking for something for bitty toddlers this is definitely the option, but you might want a larger size if the kids are going on pre-school/kindergarten. The product says kid size which is helpful, but it's really more like baby toddler size. Still adorable.

Vicky Glass
Alien Watchtower Accessory

These headband like alien accessories were fun for our 12 kids to wear as we visited the Alien Watchtower in Hooper Colorado. They wiggle as you walk and a great price for 12 pcs. They are a tight fit on big heads but with tolerance most of the kids enjoyed wearing them for a few hours.

For kidddo

Résolu for Kids i bought this for my birthday for make a joke and im seventeen and ira barelly hold on my head but just like on the picture et translucide

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