Animated Halloween Candelabra Decoration - Creepy Gothic Haunted Mansion Black Skull Floating Candle Holder Party Decorations Prop


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Skeleteen Spooky Scary Gargoyle Skull Candelabra is a medieval style haunted

decoration. It can be used as Halloween decorations for a hotel, a haunted

house, a creepy Victorian themed party, for Voodoo or Gothic decor, and more.

It is an automated standing candleholder made for interior use, that, when

activated, springs into motion and floats around the house. It is a great idea

for a witch, vampire, or Halloween themed birthday party, and will freak out

the adult attendees, as well as the kids and the rest of the family. This

antique looking vintage lamp makes flickering lights and eerie sounds, and it

moves across the floor. The candles flames are LED lights and the rest of the

cool electric toy is heavy duty plastic. These indoor animatronics props are

set down on large flat surfaces and turned on. Watch how everyone clears out

of its path! To limit its motion, it is easy to set up a blockage for one

room, like the kitchen or bedroom, by creating a low step. Since this home toy

works with a bump and go technology; when it bumps into the step it will

automatically turn around and go the other way. This decoration is also a fun

addition for an office during Halloween season!

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