Black Burglar Masquerade Mask - Faux Leather Costume Bank Robber Thief Mask with Tie Strings


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  • Half Mask is a great costume accessory for adults and kids wearing bandits costumes.
  • This mask is 7" wide and has flexible 15.5" straps that tie in back, so it can be fit to size.
  • This mask makes perfect accessories for Halloween costumes like Zorro, Barnacle, a villain, etc.
  • Complete the criminal outfit with a black and white striped tshirt, beanie hat, and a money bag.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
Bandit Thief mask is the perfect costume accessory that will cover your eyes in full. It is a simple black faux leather strand, plain in design, that is not elastic, but can be knotted to fit the size of a child or adult head. There are eye holes in the mask that are enough far apart the it can be used by a man woman or kid. This is a replica of the real one, and is perfect for boys, girls, men and women, and can even be put onto a toddler. These masks are perfect for a family dress up, or a girl boy pair dress up. This dark mask will hide your face, and when roaming the streets at night, will not be recognized. It can be used as costume accessories for Lone Ranger costume, Westley from The Princess Bride, a Cat burglar costume, etc. This mask fits well for a costume of the Mysterious Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride. If you are looking for an easy, no makeup required, simple costume for a female and male group dress up for a costume party, you can wear thief outfits, black slouchy beanies stocking hats, and canvas drawstring bags with a dollar sign on it. It can also be used as costume props for a cops and robbers or robbery themed party. This mask is also ideal for any little kid who loves dressing up. Please note: this mask cannot be worn with glasses.

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Good quality

Used mask for Lone Ranger costume.Worked great!


Soft inner liner. Easy to tie.

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