Bloody Cleaver Costume Knife - Fake Weapon Meat Cleaver Prop with Blood and Jolly Roger Handle


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  • Large Cleaver Toy is ideal for zombie accessories and has a skull and cross bone handle.
  • This plastic knife is 14" long, with a blade of 8" and a black skull and crossbone handle of 6".
  • These knives are realistic, ideal props decorations supplies for any Halloween or horror party.
  • These weapons can be used for vampire or butcher accessories for adults dressing up as zombies.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
Giant Kitchen Knives Cleaver Weapons are ideal for men, women and kids dressing up as a zombie chef or a scary killer costume for Halloween. It can be used as a butcher's cleaver accessory or for zombie costumes. This knife can be used as a decoration for a party, or in the hands of a skeleton in your front yard. Boys and girls find this butchers knife frightening and will scream when seeing this. This theatrical knife has a real gory look that will make your companion's face visibly pale. It can be used for a ghost or haunted house theme party, or as a novelty kid knife for a stage play. These cleavers are also the ideal toys for clown costumes and can be used for a party theme as part of the decor or set. This knife is a favorite among kids who love dress up and cosplay, and will be a big hit when added to your small child's costume box.

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Work out for my kid halloween costume

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