Bunny Rabbit Tail Accessory - White Pom Pom Costume Accessories Bunny Tail for Pretend Play


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  • Adults and Childrens Furry Bunny Tail is ideal for dressing up for Easter and Halloween.
  • The tail is 3.5" big and has a 7.5" rubber that can stretch up to 44" so it fits adult and child.
  • This tail is ideal for a couple dress up where the guy is Hugh Hefner and the girl is a sexy bunny.
  • This tail can be used for any bunny character like the White Rabbit, Roger Rabbit or Bugs Bunny.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
Multicolor Mens, Womens and Kids Dress Up Socks are classic striped funky socks that can be used by any adult or child as a part of a costume. It works for costumes of a colorful sock monkey, Camilla in A Bad Case of Stripes, as Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony, Pippy Longstocking, etc. These socks can also be worn as part of a set of clothes to a Gay, Pansexual or LGBTQ Pride Parade. The bright colors are every girls favorite! They can be worn as soccer socks, nerd apparel, for a skittles costume, a unicorn costume, or as under the boot socks. These socks are the length of thigh highs, which means they are very tall and can look like tights. Whether these rainbows stripe socks are used for athletic purposes or for dress up, like Halloween, every girl and guy will love the color stripes on it! They are fun to wear and complete crazy outfits! These socks are from the top gifts to give to a kid who loves pretend play and cosplay. They can be worn to a rodeo. They can be worn as mismatched socks with a pair of polka dot socks. They can also work for school sports practice, like baseball or softball, whether done in the gym or outdoors. These socks fit over the knee for an adult, which means they will hit high up for a child, and they will be too big for a toddler. These socks are the perfect accessory for whatever you are choosing to wear it for.

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holly hone
Cute bunny tail..

I'm going as Energizer Bunny..needed a tail.. it works..

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