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  • Cave Man Bone Stick is ideal for a cavemen themed birthday party as decorations and props.
  • It is white and 15" long and can be used as a prehistoric bat or club for a costume accessory.
  • Ideal large props and favors for dinosaur and giant prehistoric skeleton themed costumes or parties.
  • Cool Pebbles Decoration Prop can be tied into the hair for an outfit to be worn for Halloween.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
Cavewomen Boys and Girls Big Party Supplies is great to use as a hairtie anyone dressing up as a toddler with orange hair. It can be used as decor for a cavewoman themed party, as a fake femur for medical school graduation, as a frightening home or yard decoration for Halloween, and more. This cool hairpiece is plastic and lightweight and is ideal for costume parties of any adult or kid who love the prehistoric era. It can be used as a sabertooth prop, as a bone from a dinosaur, as a cavegirl survival toy or as a fake dog bone. This pretend play bone can be used for crafts for giant themed decor. They can be the clubs the giants used to bam people in the head. This bone is great for someone decorating their home in archaeological fashion, from the times the saber tooth still roamed the land. To tie this piece in the hair, it would be most practical to use a wig so your hair doesnt knot. This bone also works well with a Voodoo themed decoration and necklace for those into these things. This bone is ideal for a Halloween decoration for indoor and outdoor and makes great pretend play toys for kids and adults.

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What a way to enhance a costume

It's a big well made plastic bone that really shows off my granddaughters Halloween costume.

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