Curly Blond Wavy Wig - Long Curls Yellow Blonde Princess Goddess Wigs with Bangs for Kids and Adults


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  • Natural Blond Wig is ideal for dressing up for Halloween for girls, boys, men and women.

  • This wig can hold hair up, has a stretch net and a rubber finish for a secure hold on every head.

  • It's ideal for dressing up as a cheerleader, a princess like Aurora, a Greek Goddess like Aphrodite.

  • It can be used as a hippie child and adult costume wig when worn with a peace necklace and earrings.

  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.

Male and Female Bleach Blond Kid and Adult Wig is the ideal wig to dress up any costume. It can be used for costumes of crossdressers, Princesses, a Viking woman, Goldilocks, Smurfette, Barbie, Little Bo-Peep, and more. It can be used for those dressing up as the Sanderson Sisters with a Hocus Pocus theme, where Sarah wears this wig and two good friends and Mary and Winifred. This childs wig is made to fit most ages and can fit a toddler, a boy, a girl, a woman, and probably also a man. It is a favorite mens accessory for crossdressing and will have every lady laughing. It can be used for apparel for Princess costumes like Sleeping Beauty, Peach, Supergirl, the Tangled Princess of the Tower, etc.This thick dirty blond rocker hair is super cute to use for dress up, along with other things. It can be for a crazy rock star look, or for something more sexy like a flapper. This Strawberry Blond Wig can be used for 1960s hippy costume or for a cute doll costume. This cosplay wig is a favorite in every costume chest.

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Great price for product
Perfect for Halloween costume
Great inexpensive wig!

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