Dead Body Bag Decoration - Dummy Crime Scene Fake Corpse Figure in Garbage Bag with Duct Tape Scary Outdoor Party Prop Haunted Decorations

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  • Halloween Fake Bodies Props is the ideal realistic Haunted House creepy decoration.
  • The set includes an inflatable mannequin, a black bag, and roll of duct tape to accentuate the bag.
  • This 5' scene setter is ideal for a haunted mansion, when but in a doorway or behind a curtain.
  • These bags work best with themed decor of bloody zombies, an evil circus, and an insane asylum.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
Super Gory Zombie Carnival Supplies Kit is a 5ft body wrapped in a bag. This prop makes a great poseable decoration for a zombie mania party. This outdoor yard nightmare prop will have all your guests, adults, and kids, freaked out at these cadavers, long before they make it into this freaky party. This horror prop works for outdoors as well as interior props. They can be set down anywhere where there is an open space. It can be indoor in the bathtub, on the porch, under the kitchen table, etc. These spooky figurines with suck all the happy out of the room. It takes just a few minutes to set up. The inflatables need to be inflated and the tape needs to be wound around the mummy and your silly craft prop is all set. All the crazy pieces need to complete this prop in full are included in the pack. Put these props out of the houses on the lawn, backyard or porch for a butcher, Halloween, Pirate or Horror Movie theme birthday party. This prop will be a hit! It is also great as a sorority home big decorations and it is really cool that it is a blow up. This huge post apocalypse person blowup is the creepiest on the ground classroom decorations that will spook everyone who passes in front of it. It is the scariest life like real looking decoration that is great for parties themed psych ward, serial killer, vampire, Halloween, and more. This prop will make every head turn, no matter if the people are adult or kids.

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some old guy
it works

I love using this body bag on my ex and my dad they will never see the light of day

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