Disappearing Trick Knife - Retractable Fake Plastic Blade - Costume Prop or Prank Gag Toy for Halloween, April Fools - 7.5 Long with 3 Blade


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  • A HILARIOUS PRANK: Trick your friends into think you just stabbed yourself with a dangerous knife with this super cool disappearing prank toy knife that will definitely shock unsuspecting onlookers.
  • RETRACTABLE MECHANISM: The 3 blade immediately retracts into the handle once it makes contact with your skin! It gives the illusion that it went deep within your body like it's magic!
  • 100% PLASTIC AND SAFE: The blade is not sharp whatsoever and made of durable plastic so it wont cut and wont break easily so dont worry about accidents when youre trying to shock your friends!
  • A GREAT FESTIVE GAG: This toy is perfect for Halloween, April Fools, or just any costume event that requires you to hold a blade! It looks super real and makes for a great trick to really scare anyone.
  • A CLASSIC NOVELTY GIFT: A great novelty item that goes great for anyones collection of trick toys and gags! This classic prank is universally enjoyable and is sure to bring out a shriek and laugh anywhere.
Set the chilling mood this Halloween season with Skeleteen! The incredible disappearing trick knife is the ideal prop for you to incorporate with your costume for a hilarious prank that will shock anyone into thinking you actually just stabbed yourself!

Designed to be completely harmless yet realistic to the eye, you'll be getting shrieks and gasps all night long as you inject this seemingly sharp blade deep within your skin. But how does it work? A simple retractable mechanism that quickly retracts the blade into its handle! A simple yet effective gag that never gets old and is universally hilarious!


Chrome-Colored Plastic Blade A Retractable Mechanism that Causes Blade to Go into Handle When Contact is Made 7.5" Long Knife, 3" Long Blade 100% Harmless Perfect for Halloween and Other Costume Events A Great Novelty Gag Gift


Watch onlookers recoil in pure shock as they see a this genuine looking 3 inch blade sink deep within your body. A classic prank that is perfect for all sorts of situations and will make your Halloween or April Fools day prank a million times more humorous and frightening! Made with 100% plastic and designed to be as completely safe for your skin as possible, you'll find yourself always finding new unsuspecting victims to prank. Ideal for plays involving murders and stabbings for you and a partner to reenact a fatal event! It's a great prop to go along with any costume or dress-up party!


Prank and gag toys are great collector's items and this disappearing knife is a perfect addition for anyone! This item makes for a perfect gag gift for a year-round prank at work or home to scare the living daylights out of anyone that won't see it coming.

Get quality prank and gags with Skeleteen! All of our products are made to look as real as ever and provide big time scares, chills, and laughs!

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Amazon customer
Great toy

It's a great toy for kids with parents that have an open mind. It’s also a great gag of someone is not paying attention that it's a spring loaded plastic knife.Unfortunately I found this out the hard way though. Funny, but was actually pretty sad. We got one of these for some reason. I can’t even remember.When I opened the package my three year old boy at the time was watching me. I was like, “hey, Johny watch.” I stabbed my arm with it and the blade disappeared like it should. My son freaked out and screamed like he just watch me stab my arm clean trough. Oops. Great toy

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