Fake Rubber Knife Prank - Realistic Looking Prank Toy - Costume Prop or Gag Blade for Halloween Haunted House, April Fools - 10.75 with Comfortable Molded Grip


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Set the chilling mood this Halloween season with Skeleteen! The incredible rubber trick knife is the ideal prop for you to incorporate with your costume for a hilarious prank! Set a bone-chilling mood during whatever costume of frightening event you have planned with this great fake knife that will bend into your flesh for a truly jaw-dropping prank that's sure to bring a shriek or two from unsuspecting onlookers.


Made of Sturdy Rubber - Won't Droop!

10.75" Long

Comfortable Molded Grip

Ultra-Flexible for Great Acting, Play, Scare Usage

Perfect for Halloween, Costume Event, Haunted House, and April Fool's!


Safe to play with and incorporate with your terrifying Halloween costume, this rubber knife will make you the scare of the party! The blade is made of super flexible rubber that doesn't droop and guaranteed to stay up right perfectly to look super genuine. It's not sharp at all so you can safely act out a stabbing scene without harming or injuring anyone! Its knife is over 10" long to look super real and menacing. A great prop to have during costume events so you can scare the living daylights out of anyone that doesn't see it coming. Chase your friend around the house wailing this hilarious toy and have them think you've gone insane!


For those who really need a prop that they might need to hold for hours at a time, fear not - this rubber knife is designed with a super ergonomic grip handle so your palm and fingers can rest easily without providing discomfort. Great for that plays and haunted houses where you might need to play a role that denies you the opportunity to put down this prop for a while.

Get quality prank and gags with Skeleteen! All of our products are made to look as real as ever and provide big time scares, chills, and laughs!

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