Feather Duster Maid Accessory - Soft White Cleaning Feather Dust Broom Costume Accessories Prop for French Maid Costumes


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  • House Maid Costume Dusting Prop is the perfect prop for dressing up as a French Maid.
  • The duster is 14" long, has a 9" black handle, 5" of lush white feathers, and is trimmed with lace.
  • This fancy duster can be used by adults and kids dressing up as Plumette from Beauty and the Beast.
  • To complete the maid costume, you would need an old fashioned mob cap, an apron, and this duster.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
French Maid Costume Prop is ideal for dressing up on halloween and every day. It can be used by any adult or kid as toy props for maid costumes. It is great for showing little children how vintage mansions were run. It is a mini feather broom with a head piece of 5". It is a costume prop designed like the ones used by the maids in days gone by. This small cleaning wand works well for women and girls dressing up as a maid with a mob bonnet hat, a white pinafore apron over a black dress, and these novelty dusters to be held in the hand. This duster can also be used for a Beauty and the Beast themed costume party. It works well for dressing up as the character Plumette, the featherduster. It can be used for a favorite character event or for a costume party. It is perfect for a Beauty and the Beast themed couple dress up where the guy is Lumiere and the girl is Plumette. This prop is also great for a Halloween Royal Haunted Mansion props where this tiny feather duster can be set on a table, as if left there for centuries. Whatever you are using it for, this feather duster is a great dress up item for Halloween and pretend play.

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Sugar maryjane
Clean duster

very cute and super white

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