George Washington White Wig - Historical Colonial Powdered Wig with Ponytail Costume Accessory for All Ages


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  • Powder Wig Peruke is ideal for any kid or adult dressing up in American colonist dress.

  • The wig has a net with a rubber edge to ensure a secure fit on most adults and all childrens heads.

  • This wig can be worn by a girl or boy dressing up for Colonial Day at school or for pretend play.

  • Great Halloween costume for any adult or child dressing up as Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, etc.

  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.

Deluxe Colonial 18th Century Wig is the ideal wig for men, women and kids. It can be worn for Halloween, cosplay, a reenactment of the Revolutionary War or for Colonial Day at school. It can also be worn for costumes of a judge, a barrister, a lawyer, a member of the British Parliament, the first President of the United States, or anyone else from that era including Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Benedict Arnold, John Hancock, Alexander Hamilton, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, Patrick Henry or any other of the Founding Fathers or member of the Continental Army. It can be used for a king costume like the French King Louis XVI or the English King George III. It can also be used for dressing up as a scientific man like Sir Isaac Newton, or as a classical composer like Mozart, Beethoven or Bach. This baroque style wig can be used for court costumes like judges, barristers or lawyer costumes from the times of the Revolution. They can also be used to impersonate a patriot who originally came to the New World as a Pilgrim. This wig makes a great costume for a most influential character or dress up birthday party. To complete the First Presidential Costume, you would need a tricorn hat, knee length pants, white socks, shoes with a square buckle, a ruffled collar, and one of these wigs. This fake hair wig is also a great item for any childs costume chest and is every girls and boys favorite cosplay item.

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Powdered wig for a Halloween gig!
Good product great price

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