Gold Ringing Hand Bell - Loud Metal Handheld Ring Tea Bell for Calling Attention and Assistance


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Skeleteen Mini Ding Handbell is the perfect bell toy to use for many costumes.
They can be perfect bells for a Santa costume, or as a call bell that rings
when it is meal time. It is a great quieting down instrument to be used by
teachers in a classroom, or to quiet down an audience. This little servants
hand held bell can be used in church, in a diner, in a hotel lobby, or
anywhere where the attention of people is needed. This bell is also a great
bedside bell for the sick or elderly, as it is loud and the patient will get
help without much effort. This item is mainly a costume prop that can be used
for a theme of Downton Abbey or the Shame Bell from Game of Thrones. It is a
great summoning bell for a receptionist or teacher, for the ringer is a great
noise maker. It can be used on a desktop, in a surgery or medical room, in a
kitchen, at a wedding reception, in a restaurant, at a front desk, and for
someone practicing Wiccan beliefs. This bell is the perfect accessory for a
Santa Clause costume because Santas use bells with a handle to raise money for
the Salvation Army. These bell accessories can be used by adults and kids, no
matter the age, if they are dressing up as Santa, a butler, a maid, a town
crier, or any other costume that requires a bell. This bell is a favorite
among children who love pretend play and dress up and it will have your child

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William E. Elder Jr.
Works great!

Wife used it bedside to call for daily assistance after broken hip.Works great. Thanks!

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