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Skeleteen Adults and Childrens Big Rivet Studs Unisex Choker is the ideal fashion item for a Biker Chick. It can be used by any adult or child who loves the look of genuine leather stud or chain jewelry. This necklace does not have a pendant but is studded all around. It is a womens favorite to wear around the neck. It can be bought as cute stuff for anyone who loves spike jewelry. It is black and can be used for canary costumes, or it can be used as an arm band bracelet for a male who is dressing up as Freddie. It can be used for a NCIS themed costume party or event by any girl or babe, or as a Bowsette costume. These spikes can also be for a Bride of Chucky Halloween costume. It can be used to dress up as a dominitrix human or for a Freddy costume. It will not fit as a belt but can easily be worn as a mens arm band. This spikey costume accessory looks cool and is a favorite among young children, girls and boys. If given for a gift on a birthday or otherwise, they will not want to take this spiky choker off!

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Polar Queen
Five Star

This looks great!

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