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Skeleteen Balding Cap is ideal for children and adults dressing up as a bald guy. Whether it is for Halloween or a costume party, this cap will make your costume. It is of medium size, made of stretchable latex, and can therefore fit any adult, child or baby. Makeup can be applied on top of this baldcap, as well as synthetic hair. This cap will mask the original hair type and color, no matter if it is black, brown or blond. This cap can be colored green and used for any kid dressing up as Shrek. Hair can be added to the sides for a Dr. Phil costume. It can be used as a Charlie Brown costume, if a twirl is added to the top. This cap can be used to keep the hair contained so wigs can be placed securely on the head. You can use this cap to dress up as Gru, but you would need a nose, grey sweater, black pants and a black and grey striped scarf. This cap is a mens and womens favorite costume accessory for dress up as Mahatma Gandhi. These baldcaps are a perfect cosplay accessory for boys and girls who love playing dress up. Caps like these can be purchased in bulk for group dress up, and to cover a lot of heads.

Customer Reviews

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Works great

This worked great for a co worker for Halloween at work! Arrived quickly and on time!

Katlyn Grady
Covers well

Covers well!

Malcom Queneau

I used the product for a Halloween costume. The cap fit pretty well and I cut extra sections of the cap to get the desired effect. A perfectly workable product at a relatively good price.

Brianna Liguori

Was pleased with this product and used it for halloween costume.

Worked for a costume

It worked for a costume party.

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