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  • Long Blond Hair Girls Wig is ideal for dress up and has a few strands of brown highlights.
  • This childrens wig is straw blond is 30" and can be braided for a Tangled princess accessory.
  • The deluxe Halloween kid wig is great for costumes of any princess that has wavy long blond hair.
  • Works well for costumes of Tangled, Cammy White, Sonia Nevermind, Cinderella, Belle, and more.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
Extra Long Golden Wig is ideal for any little girl or youth who loves to dress up as a princess. This cosplay blond wig has straight blond hair. It can be used for costumes for any children's movie your child is obsessed with. It can be used for a costume of Princess Kenny, Cousin Itt, Princess Peach, Goldilocks, Princess Aurora, Cinderella, The Princess of the Tower, Barbie, Elsa, Lady Godiva, and more. It can be used for a toddler costume birthday party with a princess theme, or for a supergirl costume. This super long yellow blond realistic hair can be tied into a pony tail or put up with a pin for a different look. These really long tangle wigs can also be tied into a braid for a more contained look. To wear this wig like princess hair, you would need to braid it and tie in some flowers. This can be great for a Frozen themed adults, childs, or baby birthday party, as a party gift or toy. It can be great for a couple dress up where the husband is Eugene Fitzherbert or Flynn Rider, and the wife is the Tangled Princess. It is also great for a fairy tale princess themed party where the other costumes are Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, and more. This wig is a favorite in every girls or boys costume box and will have that kid entertained for a while.

Customer Reviews

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Monica H.
Better than expected

This wig was just what we needed fir hippie day at school. I needed something for school therapy dog. The wig was smooth and did not knot at all. I was concerned it would tangle and be a big mess. This was not the case. There is a streak of brown hair in it.

Decent kid wig

It is decent for a small child's wig.

Good for the money

I bought this as part of my daughter’s Halloween costume. It was a bit longer than we needed so we trimmed it a little. It’s a pretty well constructed wig. Good for the price!

Megan A. Downing
Good fit for child

Purchased this for a Wayne and Garth Halloween costume for my kids. Need to cut the wig. Perfect size for a child. The hair is a little tough to trim, but not everyone may need to trim it for their purposes.

Couple strands of brown!

The Blonde hair wig had a couple strands of brown hair. Since it was hidden under,and towards the back, it worked for us. The hair were long and silky.

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