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Skeleteen Toy Stethoscope is the perfect costume accessory for dress up on

Halloween or otherwise. It is a prop that gives the finishing touches to an

otherwise plain doctor's or nurse's costume. It is the perfect size to fit

adults and kids without looking stupid on either one. They are great for

pretend play dress up, a doctor themed party, Med School Graduation Party,

etc. It is also very good for special needs children who need adequate

preparation for each situation. This stethoscope is a great addition to your

childs doctor kit case, or when used as props for a school play or

performance. It can be used to teach children how sound travels, or to prepare

them for a trip to the doctor. These stethoscopes are the perfect supplies

needed for completing drs or nurses costumes and will be a hit of a gift among

children. Children love to imitate adults, and this stethoscope gives them a

great opportunity to mimic the motions they saw at the doc office, and listen

to the heartbeat of a doll, teddy bear, and those around them. Get this toy

for your child and he or she will not be disappointed!

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