Punk Leather Spike Bracelet - Leather Cuff Biker Bracelet with Spikes for Men, Women and Kids


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  • Punk Rock Spiked Band is stuffed with spikes, making it perfect for goth style jewelry.
  • This bracelet is 9" long and has 3 different sized closures to ensure a secure fit for every wrist.
  • These Studded Bracelets are of the ideal 80s rock star style and can be used for rockstar costumes.
  • This faux leather and metal spiked bracelet is the perfect accessory for a biker costume theme.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
  • Gothic Black Wristband Accessories is the perfect accessory for any man, woman or child dressing up as a biker, a rocker, or a punk. It can be used for Halloween, or for every day, depending on what style you are aiming for. This spikey bracelet is super cool and will fit any adult or child due to the adjustable options. The spikes wrap around three quarters of the wristband, making sure that the front of the hand is covered in spikes. These wristbands have a wide strap and are perfect for men or boys who love cool punk jewelry. These cuffs bands will fit girls, boys, teens, adults, you name it. It may be big for little kids, but it is not meant for their age due to the bullet spikes. This bracelet can be worn for a Guns and Roses costume theme, where one dresses up as Axl Rose and the other as Slash. This cool bracelet can be worn with either costume. This bracelet is also a teens favorite and they will love to get this as a gift for a birthday or other event.

      Customer Reviews

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      Buena calidad

      Muy buen material. Pinchos de metal y es todo de muy buena calidad. Ajustables. Recomiendo 100%

      Costume accessory

      I got the bracelet for my Halloween costume. It is perfect. Exactly what I wanted.

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