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  • A Black Rat is a cool shocker practical joke that is great for Halloween or April Fools Day.
  • The body of the rat is 6" like the size of small real rats, and it has a plastic tail of 5" long.
  • The rat makes funny pranks for April Fools when put around the house, in cabinets, or in the closet.
  • This rat is ideal for Halloween decorations when designing your home with a Haunted House theme.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
Rodent Black Rat is a lifelike prop that is perfect for scaring adults and children in an office, in your home, in your car, etc. They look real, have furry hairy soft bodies and a thin pointed tail. These rats are not big, but big enough to scare someone pretty bad! These rodents make the perfect gifts and gadgets for any friend, girl or boy, that you would like to play tricks on. This rat can also be used to play jokes or a game on someone or with other rodent animals for a haunted house themed party or Halloween. These rat gags are really funny to put into a care package sent to camp. It will be the best surprise your kid will get! You can also use it for decor or props for a performance or for a trick played on men and women! These spooky large rat toys will have you thinking even harder for prank ideas next time! This item is a favorite trick item and will have everyone laughing because it looks real! You are sure to have some fun when using this toy, no matter if it is on kids or on an adult!

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Looks real from a distance.

Looks very real from a distance.Put this in the China cabinet of my in-laws.Have a bet going that they won’t notice it for 3 months.

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