Red Green Elf Shoes - Red and Green Velvet Holiday Elf Feet Slippers with Jingle Bells for Adults and Kids


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  • Elf Slipper Shoes are ideal for dressing up on Christmas or Halloween in an elf costume.
  • The shoes have a tie closure and are made to fit adults but can be worn as shoe covers by children.
  • These booties are great for costumes of a jester, leprechaun, Peter Pan, dwarf, gnome, Santa, etc.
  • They are ideal houseshoes that are soft on the inside and have a non slip grip on the bottom.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
Funny Elf Deluxe Costume Accessories Huge Shoes is the perfect comfortable fabric shoes to complete your elf costume. It is big enough to fit almost every adult including men and women. It can be worn by a group of boys and girls that are dressing up as elfs, or by Santa who is sporting the elf theme with these boots. They are made of plush fabric and have a curly tip, ending in a red metallic pom pom. They close with a tie in the back of the foot. The sole has a non slip grip so they can be worn around the house without worry of falling. They are sized to fit the average adult foot. They can also fit the foot of a teen or youth. For a kid to wear them, he or she will have to wear them on top of their shoes. They will not fit on a toddler or any other small or little child. The design has gold jingle bells hanging down which makes it a great accessory for a jingle bell rock costume. They can be used for dress up or a decoration for costumes of Wario, Elf on the Shelf, Grinch, a munchkin, a genie, a wizard, a fairy, Jovie from Elf, or any girl or boy dressing up as an elf for a performance. The pointy shoes are something that children and teens of all ages will love! They are not made to be worn outdoors, only in the house. They can be used as a pair of ugly slippers to go with an ugly sweater. The pointed toe is a childrens favorite and they will not want to take it off! These booties can also be used as stockings or as Christmas decorations. They will look cute as decor for a Santa Claus themed party. Just get a red hat and Santa socks or tights, a gold bell, and you are good to go!

Customer Reviews

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Kindle Customer
They're just too cute.

I'm going to use it for our polyana in December. I love them.

Patricia L. Enders
Fast, quick delivery

Exactly as described!!

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