Renaissance Collar Cuff Set - Vintage White Neck Ruff and Wrist Ruffle Cuffs Costume Accessories Dress Up Kit


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Edwardian and Elizabeth Era Attachable Tulle Choker and Cuffs Jabot
  • Elizabethan High Neck Piece and Hand Sleeves set is ideal for dressing up for Halloween.
  • This Shakespeare Costume Accessory fits around the neck and hands of adults and kids with velcro.
  • This kit is great for costumes of a jester at the kings court, a clown, or an aristocratic man.
  • To complete the harlequin costume, you would need a corset, a feathered headpiece, and high heels.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
Set is ideal for a Shakespeare performance or other Historical costumes. The Colonial Dickie and cuffs is the ideal adult and child dress up accessory. It was worn as formal dress by men in the 17th and 18th century, in England and in other royal courts. It is a great Historical costume for teaching boys and girls about the times through reenactment. These work great for costumes of the following aristocrat people who made great changes in our history, King Louis of France, King Henry of England, Kaiser Franz Joseph of the Austro Hungarian Empire, and more. These jabot kits can also be used for bandit gasparilla pirate and buccaneer costumes like Barbosa, or Blackbeard. It can also be used for influential men of the post renaissance era like Sir Isaac Newton, Mozart, Thomas Edison, Napoleon Bonaparte, Beethoven and Bach. These frill ruffle jabot sets were worn by a wide variety of people from the prince to the judge, general, marquis, officer, soldier, and more. The dicky was worn by influential people of the 1700s, 1800s, etc. like King Louis XVI, General Rochambeau, Gaston, Maurice, professional Shakespearean artist actors, etc. This kit works well with any mans or womans tux for costumes like a gothic vampire, a court jester, a king, and more. The frilly trim neckwear collars are ideal for a mens, womens and childs costume idea when dressing up in the times of the Pilgrims and the redcoats. They can be used at any teen party with a theme of steam punk, pirates, musketeer, and more. These ruffles Pilgrim Elizabethan Victorian cosplay accessories are ideal for any boy or girl who loves pretend play and dressing up in Historical clothes. Add this set to any girls or boys costume chest and they will be thrilled with the new addition.

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