Black and White Socks - Over The Knee Striped Thigh High Costume Accessories Stockings for Men, Women and Kids


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Skeleteen Jester Costume Socks with Stripes is the ideal heavy knitted socks

for the winter or costumes. These stripe socks are ideal for many costumes

including an elf costume for Christmas, a wicked witch costume from Oz, a cat

costume, a mad punk witches costume, an Elizabeth costume, a pirate costume, a

referee costume, a nerd costume, a geek costume, a mime artist costume, a

joker costume, and many more. It can be used for a peppermint costume, a girls

raggedy witch costume, a sailor costume, a queen costume, a nightmare costume,

an anime costume, and as dress up accessories for lots of costumes. These

socks are cute to wear for a black and white gothic butterfly costume. It can

be used for an inmate costume when wearing a black and white striped bodysuit.

These are great silly wacky socks that are perfect for a rave festival

accessory. These witchy geeks socks will also really work for a 70s disco

themed costume or for someone dressing in emo style clothing. These socks are

also great for a childrens clown costume. They have horizontal stripes and fit

almost every woman and child. These are great pretend play dress up socks and

are a favorite in the costume chest of any kid.

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