Chiffon Head Neck Scarf - Black Classic Retro Sheer Square Head Scarves Handkerchiefs Handbag Ties for Women and Girls


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Skeleteen Hankerchief Bandana Tie Scarfs are ideal for any woman or girl
dressing in the retro 50s style. The hankerchiefs can be used as ribbons for
the hair, as a hairtie, for a girls scouts neckerchief, as cool Italian
bandanas, and more. They are also great for tying onto a purse to give it that
chic look. This womens kerchief is great to use as a costume accessory when
dressing up as a stewardess, a babushka, an old lady or granny, a Frenchman
from Paris, in a nautical costume like a mermaid, sailor or pirate, in a
western theme costume like a cowboy, or like a character from the 1950s. These
lightweight scout handkerchief ties are great for tying on purses and to wrap
around the neck like ascots or neckties. These thin silky neckerchiefs can be
tied into a bow or tied like a sash or knot for elegant fashion accessories.
These womans decorative collar fabric pieces are the ideal neckchief for
cowboys and work well with aviator glasses. The hankercheifs can be tied onto
a ponytail to give it a cute look. They can also be used for a 1950's themed
birthday party as headbands for men and women, as a bowtie for cool apparel,
or to decorate the table or centerpiece. These neckscarf sets are bands that
are versatile and can be worn as a headscarf for an old lady costume, ties for
handbags, decorations for a party or Christmas, or as Halloween costumes of
Rosie the Riveter and other ladies costumes. These are a must have in every
womans closet!

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