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  • Faux Fur Toy Tail is ideal for Halloween or pretend play dress up as a cat, mouse, fox, wolf, dog, etc.
  • Suits any type of animal costumes and looks cool on! All you need after this is animal ears, and you're good to go!!!
  • This is a 30" long, plush, furry tail, is bendable to make it look real. Wears with a rubber waistband.
  • To complete the costume, you need a set of ears of the animal you are dressing up as, and a shirt in that animal's color.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
Costume Accessory Fake Fur Tail is ideal for adults and kids and can be attached to any animal costume that has a tail. It can work for Mickey or Minnie Mouse, a squirrel, a werewolf, a raccoon, a kitten, a rat, or any other type of animal. It can work for mens and womens costumes, as well as for girls and boys. Once you have the tail, to complete the costume you need to dress up your head with either a hat or mask with whiskers, or a headband with ears. You can also get paw gloves to make the costume look more real. If you are dressing up as a raccoon, and need a striped tail, or as an animal that doesn't have a black tail, you can always try to spray paint the tail to get the desired effect. These tails are always good for kids who love pretend play and dress up and do it on a daily basis.

Customer Reviews

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Glynda S
she loved it.

Finished my graddaughter's costume, she loved it.

Tonia D.
It's the perfect length for an adult and it's poseable which is ...

I used this for a cat in the hat costume. It's the perfect length for an adult and it's poseable which is a plus.

Kyra B. Nicol
The Purrrfect Cat Tail

Worked out great.Nice and sturdy with asmall elastic loop so I could put it on my belt.It looked really great and got a lot of compliments.The wire inside it was bendable so you could get the tail to hang any way you want it to.

Good length for people over 48 tall."

This worked perfectly for my nine year old's costume. She is about 50' tall and we had to pin it in about the middle of her back in order for it to not drag on the ground, but she was wearing a jacket over the shirt so it didn't effect the look of the costume. I would say this is too long for anyone under 48' tall.

Great addition for the cat in the hat custome for ...

Great addition for the cat in the hat custome for my son. The tail is very fluffy and it easily loops on to the belt buckle. One satisfied cat in the hat.

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