Devil Pitchfork Costume Accessories - Devils Demon Prop Pitch Fork Trident Accessory for Adults and Kids


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Skeleteen Mens Womens Girls and Boys Devil Staff Pitchfork is the ideal
trident for any Halloween costume. It can be used for costumes of a vampire, a
scarecrow, a dragon, a daredevil, Satan, and more. The pitch forks are made
with three screw on sticks, and end piece and a top piece. Each stick has a
spiked design that makes this pitchfork unique for a devil. These Halloween
cosplay muck rake weapons props are great to set up your front yard for
Halloween. Since they are not metal, they will not rust from rain or snow.
These fake hay and manure pitchforks are ideal for any little boy or girl to
play with. It has a bloody appearance due to the red color. To complete the
angel and devil couples costume you would need a white halo, white wings, and
a white gown for the angel, and red horn ears, red wings, a red devil tail, a
red gown, and this pitchfork for the devil costume. This long pitchfork can be
used at full length for a man and shortened into a septer to use for a little
kid. These costume weapon spears are scary and are great for naughty youth
children and teens who love to play with this type of toy. This pitchfork is a
favorite in ever childs toy chest, especially those who love pretend play and
dress up.

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