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  • Fake Cigar Prop Costume Accessories is a child safe manner of smoking and is a perfect way for kids to imitate adults.

  • These cigars are close to 5" long, have a tip that looks like a lighted cigar, and puffs fake smoke when blown into.

  • It can be added to any Halloween costume, regardless of the theme, and will get your child into his role.

  • These cigars are great for use as practical jokes or party favors at a quit smoking party, or as novelty toys.

  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.

Fake Cigars are cute for any kid who has a smoker parent or likes the look of those real looking toy cigarettes. They can be added to any Halloween costume, like a gangster or mobster costume, or it can be used as a prank or joke toy for kids. It can be used as a costume accessory for a dress up theme of the Roaring 20s or The Great Gatsby, when men smoked these in abundance. They make great supplies for adult costumes themed in the 1920s. It can be used as a modern version of a pipe, for any costume requiring one. Perfect accessories for anyone dressing up as Cousin Eddie or Gomez Adams. It would also be cute as a party favor for a party for someone who has quit smoking. The fact that this cigar actually puffs, makes it a cute usable prop. This can be used as accessories for any costume box or mini theater at home or in school.

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Very Realistic
Real looking cigar
Roaring 20s
Looks real
Great costume prop

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