King Cobra Cane - Egyptian Style Staff or Scepter for Emperor - 1 Piece Costume Accessory Prop


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Gold Top Costume Accessories Scepter Cane is Ideal for use as a Pharaoh Scepter or cane. It is a 31.5" fake walking stick that can be shortened to a 20.5" scepter. These canes can be used by any man woman or child for dressing up. It works well with a crook costume. This costume prop will enhance your Ancient Egyptian costume. To complete the Ancient Egyptian costume, you would need a silk colored robe and a gold headpiece. The cane is ideal for any little kids who loves dress up clothing, or for any teacher wanting to teach the kids about the Ancient Egyptian time period. This fancy gold and black toy cane is made of plastic and is therefore lightweight.

  • Collapsible Snake Head Walking Stick are great for costumes for men women and kids.
  • These cool walking sticks can be taken apart for easy storage and can be shortened for use as a scepter.
  • Perfect for any little girl or boy who is dressing up as Cleopatra or King Tut for Halloween.
  • It can be used for dress up as a Freak Show Ringmaster or a character from the Ten Commandments.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Cathi J. Wielgus
So cool!

My daughter bought this cane for her Halloween costume. She dressed as a plague doctor and the cane was great! She was very happy with how her costume turned out. Great purchase!

Amazon Customer

This cane was used for a child in a play.It was exactly what I was looking for.

Lisa B
Great for Passover effects

Cute item.

Rise S. Hanifan
Perfect prop or toy for preschooler!

I got this as a prop for a Lucius Malfoy costume.My kid confiscated it and it's become his favorite toy.I love how it twists together so it doesn't just fall apart.

House Reviews

I bought this cane for my prom outfit, yes prom, really? it went with a pimp outfit i also bought. i was hoping this can would reach above my waist but i should have know. it gave dimensions which is nice but the can itself is thin plastic. but for a couple dollars it was expected. i cant give it a bad review but i also cant give it a good one. 4 stars

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