Orange and Black Socks - Over The Knee Orange and Black Costume Accessories Stockings for Men, Women and Kids


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  • Stripe Tube Thigh Highs are ideal socks for dress up as a joker or witch for Halloween.

  • Each sock is 28" long, has an elastic at the top, and is made of the fabric of regular pantyhose.

  • These striped thigh high tights are perfect for dressing up with a witchy look for Halloween.

  • To complete the witch costume, you would need a black dress, a pointed black witch hat, and a broom.

  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.

Adult and Childrens Opaque fashion stocking socks are ideal for cosplay for Halloween and every day. It can be used for costumes of a big cat, like a tiger, for a Pippi Longstocking costume, for a pirate costume, and of course for a witch costume. These stockings are made of stretch pantyhose fabric and can therefore be used for casual apparel. They have orange and black stripes and look great to outfits that are all black. They are not exclusive for girls and women but can also be worn by boys if their costume requires it. These stockings can be used for a group of witches costume where the rest of the clothes, including the hats, are black. This pair is made to fit adults and can also fit kids. However, it will be too big on a toddler. These are cute stockings that won't do much in the way of keeping you warm in the winter but do give a cool look sticking out of boots. The color and design are extra cute and can look sexy if dressed up with coordinating womens apparel. These stockings are perfect for the costume box of any little girl or boy that loves pretend play and cosplay.

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