Pinocchio Long Nose Costume - Nose Extension for Fairy Tale Costumes - 1 Piece


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  • Pinocchio Fairytale Toy Nose is perfect for adults and kids, for it holds on the head with a rubber.
  • Attached to the sides of the nose is a thin white rubber measuring 13". It's easy to knot the rubber to fit a smaller head.
  • This nose is a perfect accessory for any boy or girl dressing up as Pinocchio for Halloween or every day.
  • To complete the costume, you will need a yellow hat, red pants and red suspenders, and of course, the nose.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
Fake Disguise Nose is made in the shape of Pinocchio's Nose from the storybook, making it ideal for Halloween and pretend play dress up. The nose is made to fit every adult and every child, with the rubber attached to the sides of the nose. The rubber is a very thin, thread rubber that is almost invisible. The actual nose is made of latex and has a breathing hole, so you don't have to keep your mouth open while wearing this nose. To complete the Pinocchio costume, you would need a red pants and red suspenders, a blue bow tie, a black vest, and a yellow cap with a red feather. This can also be a great item for a costume box for daily dress up.

Customer Reviews

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Robyn R. Ferracane

Worked very well

Was it worth it?

Yeah it was worth it! My friend always wanted to be more like his helmet, so this was exactly what he needed. Hes super happy about it and we can't get him to take it off!


Just what I needed it for! Pin the nose on voldemort for my sons HP birthday. Very good quality.

breyanna d.

Allows for easy breathing

Perfect match to attach to my Trump mask

It was hit on Halloween night...the Pinocchio nose made the difference

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