Realistic Fake Poop - for Gags and Pranks - Novelty Joke Plastic Toy for Halloween or April Fools Looks Real - 4.5" Long


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  • HILARIOUS PRANK FOR YOUR FRIEND: Trick your friends into thinking someone dropped a deuce on their couch, car, or anywhere they shouldnt with this hilarious poop gag thats sure to bring a reaction.
  • REALISTIC LOOK & FEEL: Even the most alert of onlookers will have to double take because of how lifelike it looks! From the size to the texture, everything about this fake poo feels super real!
  • A UNIVERSAL LAUGH: Everybody poops so this prank is sure to never fail! No matter how old or young or where around the world theyre from, anyone can get a good laugh from this faux feces gag.
  • PERFECT ALL YEAR ROUND: This is the perfect prank to pull this April Fools or Halloween to get a good shriek from your friends but it can be a totally relevant prank anytime to disgust anyone all year-round!
  • A GREAT NOVELTY GIFT: Deliver the gift of nasty human droppings to a friend that loves good jokes or just collecting novelty items! This extremely realistic gag will be a perfect addition to anyones collection.
Horribly disgusting but the perfect hilarious prank to pull! Scare your friends with Skeleteens amazing fake poop gag! Made to look super genuine, everyone will cringe at the sight of this authentic looking poop that you can put anywhere for the perfect prank!


Authentic Looking Plastic Fake Poop 4.5" Long Realistic in Look, Texture and Size Great for Halloween, April Fool's, or Any Day Great Universal Prank


Some jokes go too far but with Skeleteen's fake poop gag, you're getting harmless fun that anyone can enjoy. A seemingly realistic hunk of doo doo will go great on any surface for a true shock factor anyone can laugh off. Put it on a toilet seat so unsuspecting bathroom goers can shriek in disgust when they think someone completely missed their mark somehow. Put it on someone's bed so when someone lifts the covers or checks underneath their pillow, they'll think someone just couldn't hold it in! It's a perfect prank to play on your friends anytime and anywhere for good harmless fun!


Looks and feels like a real number 2! The most shocking gags are the ones that are made to look as real as possible and this poo does it all from appearance to texture. If someone unknowingly puts their hand on it, they will be mortified to see a brown chunk menacingly staring back at them as they jump in disgust.

This amazing gag is the perfect novelty item to give to any gross collector and makes for a great joke to play this Halloween season or April Fool's Day!

It's a universal gag anyone can get a good laugh at no matter how old they are or where around the world they come from. Choose top tier gags and gifts with Skeleteen and shock your friends with true authenticity!

Customer Reviews

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Amazon Customer
Disgustingly realistic

Purchased this for my daughter who wanted to play pranks on people. She's fooled my a few times just by leaving it laying around the house.

Alisha Miiller
Great product and price!!

Great product and price!!

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