Secret Spy Earpiece Headphones - FBI CIA Secret Service Security Guard Ear Piece Costume Accessory for Kids


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  • Spy Earpiece Fake Prop is part of the secret agent gear and is great for costumes.
  • These earpieces have an earbud and a clear stretch coil and clip to clip into the back of the shirt.
  • These cool gadgets are perfect for dressing up as Agent Smith, Alex Rider, or an FBI or CIA officer.
  • To complete the FBI costume, you would need a black suit, a black tie, a white shirt, and a badge.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
Covert Agent Toy Hearing Device makes great accessories for role play and Halloween. You can pretend to listen in to these special earphones, or they can be used as secret agent style head phones. They make great junior detective costumes and are real toys stuff for a mystery themed birthday party. They have a long coil tube that can stretch and appears real even at close distance. These are great for a pretend mystery case decorations for a party where the children have to figure out what happened. This is a top gadget for spying and is a great piece of law enforcement equipment. It looks professional, as if on the way to a mission. Girls and boys of all ages enjoy this police radio, no matter if they are a child, a teen, or an adult. To dress up as a spy, you would need a trench coat, a fedora hat, and this cool listening toy. These earbuds are a childrens favorite and they love to use these kinds of devices for pretend surveillance. These headsets can be used as props for a kid party, as tactical supplies for a military or detective themed dress up, or for the best accessory for a costume box for any boy or girl who loves detectives. This headphone is a must have in every childs costume box at home and in school.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for security dress up!

Great purchase

Ellen Williams
Good stuff!

Works great for my costume!

Amy L McKenney

Purchased for looks not use.

Michelle Van Koningsveld

I think is perfect for my daughter’s Halloween costume. It came quickly and is exactly as expected.

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