Stuffed Elephant Costume Hat - Plush Animal Funny Costume Accessories Hat - 1 Piece Grey


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  • Plush Elephant Animal Hats are ideal for book costumes and favorite character dress up.
  • This hat has a stretchable velour rubber cap and therefore fits the head of toddlers, kids and most adults.
  • These silly hat masks are ideal for a circus, Halloween, Costume Parties, and Favorite Book Character Day.
  • These hats are a kids costume favorite for they love dressing up as the characters of Horton by Dr. Seuss or Dumbo.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
Stuffed Elephant Animal Costume Hat is great for dressing up as Dumbo, Horton, or any other elephant character. It can also be used for a Dr Seuss dress up day, Favorite Book Character Day, Jungle Book Performances or everyday play. It is also a great costume accessory for children who are obsessed with elephants and love dressing up as one every day and Halloween. The hat is made of polyester fibers and sized with a rubber to fit babies, kids and most adults. These cute elephant hats can be used as for a Childrens Books Favorite Character or Animal themed toddler costume birthday party. The trunk or nose of the hat is hard and stands up nicely. This mask hat is also ideal for any kid who loves to dress up on a daily basis.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good value

Worked perfectly for a play at church

Ryan jones
Great product

This was perfect for my 8 or olds 2nd grade play. Lots of compliments!

Brenna Stachewicz
Funny ht, toddler thought it was hilarious

Super cute, but the trunk gets in the way, it sags. I wish it curved up.

Cute but small!

This is super small.Only good for a small child.

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