Straw Woven Cow Boy Hat

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  • Cowboys Ten Gallon Hats is ideal for dressing up as a cowboy or Woody from Toy Story.
  • This hat is made of woven straw and has a beaded belt. The inner width is 5.5" and length is 8".
  • These hats have a curved edge to make it look authentic on small children and adults.
  • These hats work great with a red bandana, blue jeans, a cow print vest, and a pair of cowboy boots.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
Adult and Child Cowboy Hat is ideal for cosplay dress up or for Halloween. These hats fit men women and kids, and if it is a little big, it can always be stuffed to make it smaller. These hats are really cool if you are dressing up as a country music artist like Tim McGraw or Jason Aldean. This hat can also be used for a girl or woman dressing up as Annie Oakley the sharpshooter. To complete the cowboy outfit, you would need a suede vest, chaps with fringes, a red bandanna, a plaid shirt and a pair of black or brown leather boots. This outfit can be modified to make costumes for girls, boys, men and women. Children will love to play with these hats on a day to day basis making it a good Texas hat for a costume box for home or in school. These can also be cool for any childrens birthday party themed the wild west.

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