White Sharp Vampire Fangs - Dracula Monster Teeth for Party Favors and Supplies - 12 Pack


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  • Halloween Party Supplies Vampire Costume Teeth is made to fit adults and kids alike.
  • These teeth will make your face look like one of a monster and will give the appropriate effect.
  • These work for girls and boys as a party favor, for costumes, every day dress up, etc.
  • Perfect for dressing up as Vampirina, Dracula, Vampire Girl, or any other vampires or monsters.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
Adult and Child Vampire Fangs is great for use as party favors, or goody bag toys. This stuff is made of high quality plastic that will last through repeated uses. They are perfect for any girl or boy dressing up as a vampire or monster and is looking to dress up their teeth to look the part. They are big teeth with one fang tooth on each side. This toy is cute to use for games or just as a toy to play with every day. They are stark white to give your teeth an unhuman-like look about it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
They are vampire teeth and nothing special

They are vampire teeth. Don’t be picky for the price. One time use so it was a good deal for the price.

raul villarreal

Great item for the price

Andre Broaddus
I was worried they wouldn't fit But they fit perfect

My nephew loves them and I think they are a great product.

Great buy!

My son and his friends loved these at his birthday party.

Lisa's Husband
You don't become a vampire when you wear them.

Works as intended. The people at work think I am crazy. I now wear these to all meetings. No one disagrees with and all my ideas appear to be perfect now. I recommend these for all aspects of your life. Weddings, funerals, party's, camping, baseball games. Good for everything. They are hard to chew with. I tried biting my wife with them. She wasn't amused. So I tried again. That didn't work either. My kids think I am hysterical. Now we all try to bite Mommy at once. I want the people at work to call me Lestat but it isn't working.

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