Skeleteen Costume Elf Ear Cuffs - Fairy Mystical Pixie Elven Ears Two Sets of Different Sizes for Men Women and Childrens Costumes


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  • Adult and Children Pointed Prosthetic Elf Ears are ideal for dressing up for Halloween.
  • The set includes two sizes, the large size that measures 5" and the small size that measures 3".
  • These prosthetic are bendable, stay on the ear and are soft and comfortable for to wear all day.
  • The fake ears are skin tone shade but can be painted brown, black or whatever your costume needs.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
Cute Goblin Pixi, Devil Ear Tips are the perfect accessory for any kids or adults costume of half life people. It can be used for a faun or satyr costume, a vampire, Tinkerbell, an animal zombie, a blood elf, an elf for Christmas, a dwarf, a goat, a piglet, a gnome, etc. These fantasy rubber ear toys are great for playing an alien in a dress up theme. They are a great gag toy accessories and can be used as a joke gift for anyone obsessed with elves. These ears work well for any child or adult, no matter the age. It can be used for a baby, a toddler, a kid, a teen, an adult or a senior. These ears have a realistic look and everyone will ask you how you grew real elf ears for the masquerade. They can be used for a Halloween party or a party themed The Lord of the Rings. These silicon ears look professional and can work for any childs animals costume like a fawn, a big grey wolf, a fox, a cat, a dragon, etc. It can also be used for fantastical animals like an elf, a troll from the Trolls movie, a Hobbit, a giant human like the BFG, a house elf like Dobby, a leprechaun, a mermaid, a demon, etc. This latex ear is worn as a cuff and has bendable pieces that clip it to the ear. It is great for cosplay for any female or male dressing up in character costumes like the woodland elf Legolas, Arwen, Tauriel, Link from the Legend of Zelda, Spock, Allura, Rin Okumura from the Blue Exorcist, Kirito, and more. It is great for LARP or Live Action Role Playing for playing Dopey from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. These pointy plastic silicone earrings can be painted many tan colors to suit the costume you are wearing. These long tip ears are a costume favorite among all children and adults.

Customer Reviews

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Sandra Provencial
Really cute!

Look great for my fairy costume.

Ammas Ameya
Try them before you judge them

they we’re not what I was expecting and didn’t see how they were going to work. But used them , and they stayed in place very well. I did also put my foundation on them as they were very light and it seems to work well

Wendi Danyluk
Best Zombie Fairy Ever

Perfect for my Zombie fairy. Thank you it really sold the effect. After use I washed and peeled off the latex used to hold in place for dancing and they are ready to go for next time 5 stars. Thank you.


They look amazing and the quality is amazing. Only thing is they dont for my kids ears, they are too big. Probably would be great for older teens or adults.

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