Viking Medieval Costume Axe - Grim Reaper Executioner Fake Blade Costume Battle Axe


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  • Axe for costumes is ideal for dressing up as The Headless Horseman or a Bloody Zombie.

  • When expanded, the axe is 45" tall, but can be shortened to 32" or 20" to accommodate a shorter kid.

  • The Halloween murderer blade is the perfect accessory for a skeleton or pumpkin man costume.

  • If you are decorating your lawn for Halloween, this axe will make perfect props and accessories.

  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.

Plastic Axe Staff is a perfect costume accessory for any man, woman or child dressing up as a character that requires a weapon. It can be used as the Grim Reaper's scythe, for an executioner costume, or for a dwarf costume. It can be a mens or boys realistic Thor costume accessory, or a kids bladed staff. It can be used in full length or customized into a small throwing tomahawk to work with a Native American or Indian costume. The toy blade is black and has a silver tip to emphasize the fake sharpness. This is the perfect prop for any adult, boy or girl hunter, murderess or executioner costume. It can be used as yard decorations, along with a skull and other weapons like swords, a spear, knives, a hatchet, etc. It is also great for any kid who loves dress up and pretend play and would like this axe for a huntsman costume cosplay toys. This axe will complete your childrens costume set The Huntsman in Snow White. It can be worn to a costume party with a favorite character or Disney theme, or to a child's themed dress up birthday party. It can be worn as the Grim Reapers Death costume and use the blade to strike people with death. Fake blood can be added to the dagger part of this axe for a phantom horror costume. This axe can be worn one year as a Vicious Viking's costume and the next for a kid's Snow White Huntsman costume, making it ideal for its versatility.

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