White Costume Boot Covers - Groovy Disco White Fabric 70s Hippie Fake Boots for Women and Girls Costumes


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Skeleteen Tall Cloth Boot Shoe Cover is the ideal boot for any size calf. It

will fit woman and child and add a little hippy spice to the clothes you are

wearing. These are great for a 60s 70s or 80s style cheerleader, dancer, or

diva queen. They will fit most any adult and youth but may be a little big on

children. These mod 1960s style costume boots are the ideal rave costume

shoes. Wear them to scanty tops and barely there pants to complete the look.

These boots are a great costume accessory for a steampunk costume. There are

many styles of steampunk costumes, but these boots will look good to a high

low style dress, a top hat, and steampunk goggles. The boots can be decorated

with gold buttons to add to the effect. These boots are also ideal for a

childrens princess costume. To complete the princess costume, you would need a

knee length gown, white elbow gloves, and a tiara for the hair. These boots

also make great adults and childrens fairy costumes. Wear it to a tutu, fairy

wings, and a matching tiara and all your wishes will be granted! These boots

are the ideal gift for little girls and boys who love pretend play and dress


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