White Old Lady Wig - White Granny Costume Accessories Wig with Bun for Adults and Kids


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  • Mrs. Santa Claus Wig Set is a wig with white hair that can be worn for many costumes.
  • This wig has a mesh net and a rubber, ensuring a secure fit for any size head from toddler to adult.
  • This cosplay wig works well for costumes of Queen Elizabeth, Mrs Doubtfire, or any elderly woman.
  • To complete the grandmother costume, you would need a floral robe, long pearl necklaces and glasses.
  • Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.
Old Ladies Senior Citizen Costume Wig works well for any grandma costume for Halloween, Christmas, or every day dress up. It can be worn by girls to school for their 100th day party, or it can be worn to dress up as a character for Halloween. Whatever you use it for, this white haired wig won't let you down. These wigs are made for every kid and adult to enjoy by ensuring a secure fit on most sizes heads. It is great for women to wear to a costume party, to prank someone, or just to have fun. This wig is not curly, and the bun is made so that you won't have to worry about it coming out while you are wearing it. To complete the old lady costume you would need a floral model coat, granny glasses with a chain around the neck, a long strand of pearls, this wig, and a walker or cane. This wig can be given to any child who loves dress up and pretend play, and they will be delighted with the new addition to their costume box.

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Kindle Customer

Exactly what i needed!

Great wig!

Great wig!Nice shape, and held up well through a party!

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