Skeleteen Wizard Costume Accessories Set - Nerd Circle Glasses, Red and Gold Tie and a Magic Wand Accessory Set for Kids and Adults


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Skeleteen Wizard Accessories Cosplay Set is the perfect gift to give a child who is into dress up and pretend play. The set includes a fake plastic wand that looks like it is made of real wood, a wire rim rounded pair of clear eyeglasses that fit children and most adults, and a tie that is the perfect length and width for child and adult. These dress up toys are fun to play with and make perfect gifts for girls and boys who love magical items from Harrys Wizarding World. These costume accessories can be used by man, woman, girl and boy for costumes of wizard students from any house, like Ron, Hermione, Potter, Ginny, etc. The ties and scarves would need to be different to accommodate costumes for the other houses, but the robes would be the same. This set is also a party supplies set for a favorite character themed birthday party. The glasses, wand and tie can be used as decorations or props for a photo booth. Harry fans would love that! Additionally, this toy can be used to act out the story and include characters like Draco, Luna, Dumbledore, Sirius, McGonagall, Voldemort, Ollivander the Wand Maker, etc. You would also need more props like chocolate frogs, a broomstick, a Map, etc. Each of the listed items can make a great decoration prop for a party or room you are setting up with this theme. The set includes items to complete a wizard costume. It has glasses made of round metal frames with clear lenses that are nerdy, a tie, and a fantastic spell replica wand. To complete the wizard costume you would need a robe, a scar tattoo, and a house badge patch on the cape. These items can be given to any kid obsessed with wizards!

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Ashley OHara

grate for halloween

Price Value was Spot On

The product was of good quality, and was what the description said it was. worth the purchase for halloween.

E Grages

This was actually better quality than I expected when I ordered it.

Amazon Customer

Exactly what I needed for my Harry Potter costume. The tie was the perfect length (for some reason I thought it was going to be a child size, nope it was adult!) the glasses fit perfect!! And not to mention the wand! Just amazing!

As advertised

Perfect or Halloween

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