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The 100th day of school is an exciting time in the elementary classroom! Quite literally, this day signifies the 100th day  of class in the school year. For this reason, we want to help you recognize this landmark day in the school year. And, the best part is celebrating this day by encouraging students to dress as what they think they would look like at 100 years old!

This funny cane is perfect for a baby, toddler and little kid because it is inflatable and lightweight so they will not hurt themselves or others.

This walking stick  is plastic and collapsible and can fold into 14" x 3" x 1" for easy storage. It measures 32" long, perfect for men women and children, and it can be shortened to 20" for small kids and toddlers. It comes in four options, antique gold and silver, and elegant gold and silver. It is the ideal antique cane for that old fashioned grandpa!

This wig is the real thing, It will look just like grandpas hair! It is a graying Salt and Pepper color and comes pre-styled. It is ideal for any child that wants to dress up as his dad or grandpa. The deluxe wig is a favorite among young kids.

These Groucho Marx Funny Old Man Glasses are the ideal accessory! Just put it on with a hat, and your costume is set!! They are proper disguise glasses with that ridiculous nose, perfect for kids who don't want to be "Recognized"!! They have attached old man eyebrows and mustache made to look like an old man's, very bushy and thick! It also have a ridiculously pointy nose sticking out of the glasses giving it an altogether hilarious look!!

These round glasses are ideal for an old granny! It has a Circular Black Metal Frame, Its Round shape makes it exceedingly nerdy! These old fashioned glasses will definitely spice up your old lady/man costume.

These fake cigars and cigarettes look just like grandpa's! These are for child safe smoking, perfect for kids who love to imitate adults.These cigarettes are 3.5" long and have a tip that looks like the cigarette is lighted. It also puffs fake smoke.These cigarettes are great to use for practical jokes!

This granny wig and gold rectangle eyeglasses is the ideal grandma costume set. The wig comes in white and grey, with a librarian style bun in the back that can be used to portray an old lady, Mrs. Clause, or a librarian. The glasses that are included in the set are non-prescription and small. They will fit girls and boys, and women with narrow faces. The frames are Victorian style, perfect to set off the laughter! 
These wooden and white plastic smoke pipes are imitation pipes that can work for any old fashioned costume. These pipes are bent and made of a traditional style and shape. Little kids will love to pretend smoking with these pipes, just like back in the day!

These fake white pearls are sold in packages of 12 strands. Each bead is about 8mm wide. They are perfect for little girls whose favorite play is to dress up like their mommies and grannies. Hang these beads around there little necks, and watch their faces light up!
Grandpa Eyebrows and Walrus Mustache set is ideal for adults and children who are dressing up as an old man or character. It has silver hair and attaches to the face like a sticker. The faux mustache is very hairy and self adhesive which is perfect for pretend play. Kids love imitating adults and this fuzzy mustache is a great accessory for that.

These self adhesive party mustaches are black and hairy. These Fake Black Sticker Mustaches are the ideal grandpa costume accessory. The mustaches come in a pack of 3 for more options and more fun.

These red and black retro frames nerd eyeglasses are the perfect accessories. They add a cute, nerdy touch to your face and will make you look like you are from the 80's. These thick framed eye glasses are perfect for any girl, boy, toddler and adult to wear for their grandpa and granny costume. These glasses have a transparent lens. They are fully rimmed and they are 6" wide with 5.5" handles.
This corn pipe has a plastic black stem and a corn cob chamber, that is not functional, but realistic looking anyways. It is a great addition to an old fashioned grandpa costume.

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